Eight Reasons Why Your Pet Belongs On Social Media

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Pets matter. One in four of us share homes with pets, while millions more dream of an old, or yet to happen, awakening in their lives that comes with loving a companion animal.

There is something about the way our pets shower us with unconditional love that makes us want to share their spirit and antics with others. Social media is the best way to spread that love around the world. So, here are eight reasons why it’s time to introduce your pet to the world of social media.

  1. Your pet’s love is unconditional and it can also be unlimited. Expressions of this love are multiplied by the power of the internet. On social media, your pet can bring loving feelings to someone who is homebound, or has just lost their own special pet, or needs to enjoy the love of a dog or cat without the vet bills and expensive trips to the pet-food store.
  2. Your pet is amusing. Posting pictures and videos of their antics lets them amuse and entertain others. Louisa Dear, my special pet, uses acronyms her fans now repeat in their comments and shares. Instead of LOL, she says BOL. Because she may not laugh but she does bark at funny stories.
  3. You can speak through your pet in a non- confrontational way. The voice of your pet can have impact without ever causing a fight. Think of the good this alone will bring the world. Pets don’t know borders. They don’t divide the world by race, creed, or color or even progressive or conservative. Sure, there are some fat cats but those got that way from too much love and affection, not from greed or a relentless quest for status.
  4. Friendships are formed and connections are made in community and that’s what this new media is all about. Pets help us build community.
  5. Because every media star has a story, rescue pets are perfect, they have the best stories. So if you’re still casting the leading role, consider a shelter pet. They tell the most rewarding stories.
  6. The public attention that comes with becoming a star will help cure many pet behavior issues. Time spent on photoshoots and guest appearances needs education – for both of you. Your pet doesn’t want to act out any more than you want them to; so just as your parents invested in you, you have an incentive to make good choices in your pet’s education. My choice is Canine Scholars. Both you and your pet will live happily ever after because of this choice.
  7. Social media helps your pet bring joy and comfort to a greater number of people as they join the ranks of other therapy animals. This virtual therapy lets them go anywhere, anytime. And with help, your pet can find the right security settings, so there are never any worries.
  8. It’s good for you. Even if it takes a few minutes each day, they are minutes you will have saved from not clicking every politically divisive story or tidbit of celebrity gossip that fills your newsfeed.

If it all sounds like too much work, just remember, you knew in the beginning that a relationship is for better or worse and this step is for the better – yours and theirs. So why don’t you get started?

What pets do you follow on social media? I hope Louisa is one of them.

What other benefits would you add to this list?

As always, the conversation starts here.

“In the ordinary choices of every day we begin to change the direction of our lives.” – Eknath Easwaran


Maybe Instagram would be a good choice? Some pets have 40,000+ followers and even paying sponsors. So YE$: Your Pet Belongs on Social Media!