Our Boarding and Training program is designed to train your dog in the environment that it will be returning to – a loving home. We do not have rows of kennels, but instead allow only one dog per trainer, so that your pet is given the most dedicated attention and care possible. We understand that while owners want to give as much time as they can to training their dogs, it often isn’t possible because of demanding work schedules, family commitments and other distractions that life can throw at you unexpectedly. That’s why we created this specialized program, in which our professional dog trainers devote their time to ensuring that your dog receives the necessary daily education to become the well mannered, obedient pet you always wanted.

During the program, we make sure that your dog receives lots of regular training, exercise and mental stimulation in a healthy, safe and fun environment. Depending on the level of training needed for your dog, we will determine the length of time required to complete the program. Once the specified period is over, you will pick up your pet and spend time with our trainer to learn how to correctly handle your newly trained dog. We will also provide you with clear and consistent guidelines that you can easily put in place once you take your dog back home. Our trainers are always available to provide continued support after the program, and we arrange follow up sessions for you to understand how best to implement your dog’s learning.


Quicker results:

Your dog will be receiving several hours of hands-on training every day, directly from one of our professional dog trainers. This significantly reduces the time needed by your dog to master the behavior and skills being taught.

Completely Customizable:

The program is designed to address the specific needs of your dog, and our trainers will have the opportunity to get to know your dog on a much deeper level. We develop strategies and exercises to directly target the issues affecting your pet, which is especially useful in resolving difficult behavioral problems.

Extensive learning:

Your dog will spend the entire time in a controlled and structured home environment, in which all of its behavior will be guided and reinforced. Such an immersive learning experience is bound to be therapeutic for your pet.


Our expert dog trainers will work through the more challenging early stages of instruction, saving you from the need to consistently apply the tedious repetition necessary to train your dog. There’s no time commitment required from you, which leaves your schedule free for other things.

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Are you looking to reap all the benefits of having a well trained dog, without putting in the long hours of effort required? Look no further than the Boarding and Training program offered by us at Canine Scholars. Of our many dog training options available to you, this is the most comprehensive solution that is guaranteed to deliver amazing results. Whether you’re just looking to get a head start, correct some behavioral issues, or want a completely trained dog, leave your pet with our experts for a few weeks and rest assured that we will take care of it all.



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