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Another crucial factor is education. Your dog wants to please you, but until you he’s been trained, he does not know how. We won’t just train your pet; we’ll give you an understanding of his nature and behavior so you can understand the why as well as the how of each technique.

Jason & Red
Dog Trainer

I can’t wait to help you parent the paw-fect pup! Dogs don’t sit, stay, or heel instinctively but through practiced training and focused guidance. I’m here to help you and your dog establish good habits and an unbreakable bond. Together we will select the training method that works best for your lifestyle and your pup’s personality.

Chris & Leyna
Dog Trainer

I want you to get as much joy out of your fur family as I do! I take pride in providing pet parents with individualized attention and professional instruction rooted in the science of animal behavior. My goal is to help you better understand your dog so he or she can be not only a lifelong companion, but a true best friend.

Happy Clients

Working with Jason on puppy training for our lab has been fantastic! Jason is extremely knowledgeable, professional,... and results-driven. Our pup is good at basic obedience and leash walking. Jason has also helped us manage jumping, barking, car behavior, and sitting still for grooming. Excited to keep working with him as our dog grows. Well-worth the investment!read more
Aleksandra Petkova
Aleksandra Petkova
Jason is amazing and have seen very quick
progress with our two rescue dogs. Thanks Jason. You knowledge and... extensive expertise is so appreciated!read more
I wish there were more than 5 stars. We have a rambunctious and energetic large dog. As much fun as he was, walks and... home life were often more
I have had Canine Scholars train 2 of my dogs and I couldn’t be happier. They impressed me with their professionalism... and ability to take a completely untrained dog and make it possible for me to take them in public and not have to worry about anything. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dog more
Mark Satterthwaite
Mark Satterthwaite
I have had Canine Scholars train 2 of my dogs and I couldn't be happier. They impressed me with their professionalism... and ability to take a more
I am so amazed and thrilled with the training that Charlie, my dog has received. I never expected such amazing results.... Sklyar was wonderful in explaining to us how to work with him. She trained us as well as him!!!Thank you Canine Scholars!!!!read more
Laurie Gersh
Laurie Gersh
Despite being very sweet, it was clear early on that my rescue Kaia was likely given up by her two previous families... because of her strong willed and stubborn nature. After completing the Ultimutt program with Chris, she is now well behaved and obedient, has better impulse control, and is overall more calm. Her leash walking and reactivity have also improved greatly. Chris was great with her, always available to answer questions and help address any undesirable behaviors that crept up as she settled in, and supportive and encouraging on the occasions I was frustrated with our slower progress and setbacks between more
Xuan Nguyen
Xuan Nguyen
I can't express how wonderful if it to be able to walk our 110 LB dog in public and not struggle. Jason is amazing! ... We have owned several large breed dogs over the years and this is the first time I've felt comfortable in public with our dog on a leash and at home off leash. Well worth the investment!read more
beverly east
beverly east
Wow! Really pleased with our experience with Canine Scholars. Our puppy Pepper came back to us a brand new dog (in the... best way). After we got her back, I really appreciate how Chris and Skye took the time to go over everything they taught our pup and made sure we really understood how to further let the training sink in... nothing like a little human training!! ☺️read more
Alana Craycraft
Alana Craycraft
Wow! Really pleased with our experience with Canine Scholars. Our puppy Pepper came back to us a brand new dog (in the... best way). After we got her back, more
Jason Toy
Jason Toy
Jason and the team at Canine Scholars worked wonders on our scared, shy and sweet rescue dog. We had trouble from... simple potty training to on-leash dog aggression given her nervous nature, but after the board and train program, she is a new dog. Confident, happy, well-trained and ready to please - our girl is better than we could have imaged! We are so happy with the results and absolutely would recommend! Thank you CS!read more
Becca Brinkley
Becca Brinkley

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Whether you need help house training a new puppy, modifying the behavior of a misbehaving pet or coaching your pet towards specialized AKC trick dog or therapy dog certification, we’re here for you!

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It’s amazing how dog-friendly Charlotte is! Here are some of our favorite places and events for you and your dog, compliments of Canine Scholars of Charlotte, NC.

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We’re Charlotte’s leading dog trainers, offering more than a dozen nationally and internationally recognized training programs. We offer group and individual classes, home visits and even boarding services when your furry friend can’t travel with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to schedule a FREE in-home evaluation with you and your dog. We can discuss your goals and issues. At this time you can ask us all sorts of questions about our training methodspricing and results.

Why choose Canine Scholars of Charlotte NC?

It’s simple, let us show you how our dogs compare. Sure, you don’t need your dog to throw trash out or do a handstand, but you’re hiring a professional…shouldn’t their dog blow your mind? And really, don’t you deserve the best trainers – with the best training?

I want you to come out and look at my dog…How much will you charge?

Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Who doesn’t like showing off their work? We would love to come out and show you our dogs, so you can see the quality of our training program with your own eyes. At this time we will evaluate your dog and go over your goals. If you are looking for pricing on our programs, that can be found here:

Do you own a dog?

I’m a dog trainer, of course I own a dog! A dog trainer without a dog is like a handyman without any tools…

I don’t need my dog to be off leash, why should I care?

Getting your dog to the next level is our highest priority. When we leave, Canine Scholars wants you to feel confident that, regardless of the situation, your dog will respond even if his best buddy in the neighborhood just stopped over to see if he could play.

When is training and how long?

Training appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Typically sessions last approximately 1hr and are on a weekly basis. After the first session you will be amazed at the results!

I don’t really need all those tricks!

Our dogs perform lots of fun tasks, maybe you don’t need all of it, but as a company we want our dogs to be the best they can possibly be…that leads to the best trainers in the Charlotte NC area.

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