Your dog cannot become the ideal of “man’s best friend” without an understanding of it’s nature, without love, and without guidance. Your dog wants to please you, it simply does not know how. Let our professional staff assist you in understanding your dog and in getting the most out of your lives together.

Jason & Red
Dog Trainer

I want to help you! Dogs don’t sit, stay, or heel because they think it’s the right thing to do. They do it because those habits have been ingrained through training.

Chris & Leyna
Dog Trainer

Looking for that star pup? I want you to get as much joy out of your fur family as I do. Give us a call and let us make your goals a reality.

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Cannot say enough good things about Jason & Canine Scholars... Our lab/border collie is an all-star after working with Jason - everyone we meet is so impressed! You will not regret using Canine Scholars for your dog training needs!read more
Lauren McNally
Lauren McNally
16:01 31 Jul 17
We signed up for the 1 week board and train with Jason for our 1.5 year old GSP pup. She is Super friendly so we were looking for jumping on people and other small obedience training, help on walk pulls, and the biggest of all-off the leash training. We were skeptical of the short time and the cost at times when choosing between companies, but Jason is hard not to trust and like. When we picked her up at a public park on Sunday afternoon we were super impressed. She was all we hoped for and it just got better when we took her to our property up north and could trust her off leash running through woods, lakes and to free roam! We could really enjoy her there and since then while hiking locally and running her on bikes, and I swear everyone kept saying what an amazing dog she was! Which trust me, 2 weeks earlier was not something we heard a lot. Thanks Jason! Very much more
Megan Sharp
Megan Sharp
23:58 25 Jul 17
My highest recommendation! Canine Scholars has been life changing! Our 1 year old and 100-pound black lab was a loving dog but also a pain in the neck. He jumped on and scratched our guests, yanked us down the street during walks, and demanded attention. Each lesson brings us a better-behaved dog. Our friends have marveled at how he greets them without unwanted heavy and scratchy affection. He’s even stopped peeing when greeting new guests! We can now walk down the street with him walking beside us and matching our speed. Our 100 pounds of terror has turned into a valued member of the family!read more
Mary Smith
Mary Smith
11:37 20 Jun 17
I adopted an adorable 3.5 year old Husky/Black Lab mix in July. He is a sweet and playful pup, but his size and strength was too much for me to handle. He would jump on people, lunge at other dogs as we walked by and bark constantly. He was training me, rather than the other way around. I was nervous to take him anywhere in public, because I didn't know how he would react. After trying a few other training programs, with no luck, I found Canine Scholars. Jason and Chris helped transform him into such well behaved pup, with only a few sessions! I feel comfortable taking him out in public because I know I can control him. Thank you for giving me the tools to continue training my dog so we can have a wonderful life together! Danielle and Woodsonread more
Danielle Silberman
Danielle Silberman
01:32 13 Feb 17
We have an almost 10 month golden retriever pup who is a sweetheart but was getting completely out of control. He weighs 65 pounds and would pull me down the stairs to the point that I would almost fall, yank me around the block, lunge at other dogs to play, jump all over people that walked into the door and run around our house with our belongings like a maniac. We weren't sure what, if anything could fix it. We've had four lessons now and the difference is hard to believe. He doesn't pull the leash and will sit on his bed (or any assigned place) until I give him permission to leave, even when new people walk through the door. He comes when he's called and we're even working on being off-leash in crowded places. It makes every experience more enjoyable for us and our pup! Jason and Chris taught our pup so much but most importantly he taught us the concepts and gave us the tools we need to understand the way our dog thinks and how to act accordingly. We can't thank them enough 🙂 - Mac, Megan & Mattread more
Megan Reed
Megan Reed
18:00 17 Nov 16
We're first time dog owners ~ we started with Jason when we first got our dog as a puppy. I had so many questions and he answered them all and helped us raise a well trained dog! Whenever I email or call him with a question, he always responds in a timely manner. Our dog just completed his final training and is a very well behaved. Our family definitely recommends using Canine Scholars!read more
21:08 07 Jan 16
Canine Scholars has made such a HUGE difference in our family. We had tried a few other dog training courses around Charlotte but couldn't find the results we were looking for. Canine Scholars stepped right in and made an immediate impact. During our first interaction with Jason I could tell that we had found the trainer we were looking for. My 2 dogs were notorious leash pullers, barked at everything that moved and were just a handful. Today I am proud to say that we can enjoy off leash walks, sitting in the yard, and having guests over without having to fear what our dogs may do wrong. Not only has he helped them become more obedient, but he has also increased their confidence in knowing how great they really are. Don't make the same mistake I did and wait too long to call Jason. Not only did he train our dogs , he also trained us. I never realized the mistakes we were making had such great impact on our dogs, but after a few sessions I realized that the potential was there the whole time. He is worth every penny, and if I had the chance to choose to do it all over again then I would in a heartbeat. Thanks Jason!!!read more
Beth Graham
Beth Graham
01:53 21 May 15


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Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to schedule a FREE in home evaluation with you and your dog. We can discuss your goals and issues. At this time you can ask us all sorts of questions about our training methods and results.

Why choose Canine Scholars of Charlotte NC?

It’s simple, let us show you how our dogs compare. Sure, you don’t need your dog to throw trash out or do a handstand, but you’re hiring a professional….shouldn’t their dog blow your mind? And really, don’t you deserve the best trainers with the best training?

I want you to come out and look at my dog…How much will you charge?

Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Who doesn’t like showing off their work? We would love to come out and show you our dogs, so you can see the quality of our training program with your own eyes. At this time we will evaluate your dog and go over your goals.

Do you own a dog?

I’m a dog trainer, of course I own a dog! A dog trainer without a dog is like a handyman without any tools…

I don’t need my dog to be off leash, why should I care?

Getting your dog to the next level is our highest priority. When we leave, Canine Scholars wants you to feel confident that, regardless of the situation, your dog will respond even if his best buddy in the neighborhood just stopped over to see if he could play.

When is training and how long?

Training appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Typically sessions last approximately 1hr and are on a weekly basis. After the first session you will be amazed at the results!

I don’t really need all those tricks!

Our dogs perform lots of fun tasks, maybe you don’t need all of it, but as a company we want our dogs to be the best they can possibly be…that leads to the best trainers in the Charlotte NC area.

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