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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to start a rewarding career? We are looking for great people with passion for animals and helping others. Contact us to find out more about become a member of our pack.

Why choose Canine Scholars of Charlotte NC?

It’s simple, let us show you how our dogs compare. Sure, you don’t need your dog to throw trash out or do a handstand, but you’re hiring a professional….shouldn’t their dog blow your mind? And really, don’t you deserve the best trainers with the best training?

I want you to come out and look at my dog…How much will you charge?

Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Who doesn’t like showing off their work? We would love to come out and show you our dogs, so you can see the quality of our training program with your own eyes. At this time we will evaluate your dog and go over your goals.

Do you own a dog?

I’m a dog trainer, of course I own a dog! A dog trainer without a dog is like a handyman without any tools…

I don’t need my dog to be off leash, why should I care?

Getting your dog to the next level is our highest priority. When we leave, Canine Scholars wants you to feel confident that, regardless of the situation, your dog will respond even if his best buddy in the neighborhood just stopped over to see if he could play.

When is training and how long?

Training appointments are scheduled at your convenience. Typically sessions last approximately 1hr and are on a weekly basis. After the first session you will be amazed at the results!

I don’t really need all those tricks!

Our dogs perform lots of fun tasks, maybe you don’t need all of it, but as a company we want our dogs to be the best they can possibly be…that leads to the best trainers in the Charlotte NC area.

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