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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to start a rewarding career? We are looking for great people with passion for animals and helping others. Contact us to find out more about become a member of our pack.

Why Partner with us?

We have an amazing system of training with unbelievable results. Let us show you how to start a rewarding career.

I really love animals, can I make a living doing this?

Follow your passion, money will follow. Our number one goal is to give clients an amazing product. Great training + great customer service = happy clients and referrals. Do great work, everything else will follow.

Do you own a dog?

I’m a dog trainer, of course I own a dog! A dog trainer without a dog is like a handyman without any tools…

How much will this cost?

There are many different approaches to the business model. You can work from home, start a facility, add in daycare and grooming. Really the sky is the limit (cue Biggie).

When is training and how long?

There will be a 4-week training program, in Charlotte, NC. We will teach all facets of dog training, business, managing your client list, and how to set up your own location.

What about advertising, marketing, computers?!

The best part about teaming with us is all of those monotonous tasks are taken care of in-house. We will set up contracts, website, online organization, and ongoing support from us! You can continue to do what you love, train dogs, and we will keep your phone ringing. 

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