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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your dog get the discipline and honor needed not just for coffee mug photos or mouse pad rights, but for your lasting and respectful companionship?

Why choose Canine Scholars of Charlotte NC?

We are members of IACP and AKC certified. Our trainers have years experience training pets. We consistently achieve 5-star reviews, and our clients consistently recommend us to their friends and neighbors here, which we think is the best review there is!

What is the cost of your evaluation?

Nada, Nothing, Zilch. Who doesn’t like showing off their work? We would love to come out and show you our dogs, so you can see the quality of our training program with your own eyes. And while we’re there, we’ll also talk through your goals and give you a free evaluation of your dog.

Do you own a dog?

I do! A dog trainer without a dog is like a handyman without any tools. We train dogs because we love dogs and because we want other pet parents to get the most out of their pet-human relationship. Think of us as the nauseatingly happy married couple who’s always trying to fix you up.

I don’t need my dog to be off leash, why should I care?

That’s like saying, “I’m homeschooling my child. Why does he need discipline?” Getting your dog to the next level is our highest priority. Our goal is for you and your dog to be confident in every situation, and prepared for the unexpected, even inside your home.

When is training and how long?

Training sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Typically, sessions are done weekly and last approximately one hour. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but like most things, there’s value in quality over quantity.

I don’t really need all those tricks!

Tricks and tasks are two sides of the same coin. Your dog may not need to know how to shake hands, but he needs to know how to stop and stay and drop. The more commands he masters, the more confident you’ll both be in any situation.

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