At Canine Scholars we offer many training programs that include public / group classes as part of your dog’s curriculum. While group and private lessons each have their unique advantages, learning in a collective setting can be more exciting, educational and socially engaging for suitable dogs.

The public / group dynamic is also beneficial for owners, who can watch first hand what other people are going through while they train their dogs. It gives them a platform to share their experiences with one another, and understand that other dog owners are often dealing with pets who display similar behaviors.


Listed below are a few distinct advantages of enrolling in our public / group dog training classes:

Your dog will learn to deal with distractions:

The goal of every training program is to achieve your dog’s obedience even in the midst of distracting sights, sounds, smells and excitement in the outdoor world. If you find that your dog is better behaved at home and struggles to follow through with cues when taken outside, public / group classes are the perfect solution to your problem. Your pet will be trained to focus its attention on you while being exposed to the many controlled distractions that come with training in a group.

You learn to solve behavior problems not related to your dog:

By participating in a public / group class, you not only learn how to resolve the issues directly affecting your own pet, but also witness how trainers deal with problems faced by other dogs. It’s advisable to pay attention to the troubleshooting techniques even if they aren’t relevant to your dog at the time, as they may become a problem for you in the future. You will then be able to recall how that issue was fixed in the group class, and apply it successfully on your own.

Perfect for puppies:

Many of our expert dog trainers agree that public / group classes are ideally suited for young puppies and maturing puppies who began training in groups at an earlier age. Especially between the ages of 12 to 18 weeks, puppies are quick to learn appropriate dog behavior and pick up habits that can last for a lifetime. It’s advantageous for them to socialize with other puppies while going through the learning process, so that they grow into more confident adults who are able to ignore distractions and give full attention to their handlers. They are also more likely to grow up to feel comfortable in social settings.

Group classes provide opportunities to socialize:

In many cities it isn’t easy to find dog-friendly locations where you can meet like-minded pet owners. Group classes are a great socializing opportunity for both you and your dog in a safe environment. Participating dogs are screened ahead of time, and our trainers keep a close watch for warning signs to prevent any violent behavior.

Group Only?

We offer many programs that include our group classes as part of your dogs learning program. Be aware group classes alone will not resolve all of your dogs issues and here’s why:

  • Dogs (and their owners) can’t learn when there is heavy distraction during the beginning of training.

    In group training courses there is nothing but heavy distraction right from the start.  Properly administered individual family training involves a gradual increase of distraction during sessions, ensuring success in any situation. Problems that occur at home (i.e. chewing, housebreaking, jumping on furniture, biting ) cannot be solved in a group setting.

  • Commands don’t solve behavioral issues, they only serve to avoid the problems.

    For example: Teaching a child to sit in the middle of the floor and stay to avoid a problem of writing on the walls will not solve the problem.

  • The entire family needs to be involved to ensure that the training is consistent.

    Each family member has questions and insight that all need to hear to ensure success.  We address each individual member and take time to focus on concerns and issues in order to create a successful environment for your dog .

  • Dogs behave differently in a group class than they do at home.

    Problem behavior that occurs at home can not be recreated or witnessed in a class. We always start training in your home…after all this is where you spend 90% of the time with your dog. Doesn’t it make sense to start there?

  • Most group training does not apply “hands-on” training to your dog.

    Why spend every weekend getting up early when you can focus on your issues one-on-one. This direct approach will give you better results and faster. We schedule appointments at your convenience and work at your pace.

  • Group training does not address “aggression/distracting” behavior issues.

    Most group training classes will not put up with aggressive dogs “distracting” the others.

  • “Non-physical” problems, such as phobias, anxiety, shyness  and other neurotic problems are not addressed at group training.

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It’s best to consider these benefits when choosing the most appropriate training program to suit your dog’s specific needs. Give us a call or use the online contact form to schedule a free evaluation . We look forward to selecting the best course of action for your dog to become a Canine Good Citizen.



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