Have you spent hours on ineffective training? By now, your dog should be well-trained enough to work for the police or call bingo numbers at the senior center on Friday nights. But instead, he’s still trashing the couch and walking YOU around the neighborhood? Let us help you reach the finish line.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach you how to maintain complete control over your dog in every situation. Our trainers want your dog to be an obedient companion and an integral part of your family; one that’s as happy as is respectful. You should never have to raise your voice to your dog. The only thing you’ll be tempted to raise are your expectations as your dog’s skill set continues to grow.

Canine Scholars trainers will teach your dog how to listen and perform reliably despite external distractions. Choose the package that best accommodates your needs, and let Canine Scholars return to you a good canine citizen (sorry we train dogs not children).


We are located in Charlotte, NC and are looking for trainers across the United States who would like to become certified dog trainers and share their passion for animals with some of the most amazing people…our clients. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more information.

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