By now, your dog should be volunteering time at the senior center on Friday nights calling bingo numbers, but instead, it’s still eating your undergarments when you leave a room. You thought this dog training thing would be pretty easy. You watch the Dog Whisperer together. You shop for matching outfits together. You may have even given your canine your youngest child’s seat at the dinner table, but it still knowingly looks the other direction when you call them and their favorite neighborhood friends are out.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, the pet owner, with the tools necessary to maintain control over your pet around any severe distractions. Our trainers want your dog to be an obedient companion and integral part of your family; one that is happy, as well as respectful to your wishes. You should never have to raise your voice to your animal, only your expectations.

Canine Scholars trainers will teach your dog to listen to your first command. Having a dog that performs under any distraction does not have to be a wish anymore. Find the package that best accommodates your needs, and Canine Scholars will return to you a dog that is worthy to be pictured on your favorite coffee mug and ensure your dog is a Canine Good Citizen.


We are located in Charlotte, NC and are looking for trainers across the United States who would like to become certified dog trainers and share their passion for animals with some of the most amazing people…our clients. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more information.

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