When it comes to learning, dogs have strengths and weaknesses, just like humans do. The good news is that there are many methods to train your dog, and we can help you identify the one that best fits your needs and your dog’s personality. If your pet is taking longer to learn certain concepts, don’t give up! We all learn at our own pace. Ask your parents how long it took for you to be toilet-trained. Be patient, be persistent, and eventually your pet will get there. Just like you did. We hope. When choosing a training method, it is vital that you take your training goals into consideration. For example, have a family pet that needs to understand a handful of household commands or a show dog that needs to master the entire arsenal? To choose the right training method consider the following questions:

Things to consider

  • How many behaviors does the dog need to learn?

    In any behavior that you teach, you must also teach the concepts that need to be applied to different behaviors.

  • How fast do you need to train your dog your preferred behaviors?

    Some methods work faster and are ideal for beginners, however, they get the same outcome. Other dog training methods start slow but are more efficient in the long run by making the dog more competent.

  • How precise are these behaviors?

    Some methods work best with precision, others with less defined behaviors.

  • How skilled are you as a trainer?

    Some methods are good for you if you’re a novice but there are others that require more difficult concepts and comprehension.

  • Are you interested in training your dog?

    Some methods need more knowledge, meaning that you must take time to learn and research.

  • Is your dog experienced in a specific method?

    If your dog is familiar with a particular method, he/she will learn new behaviors taught with that method at a faster rate.

  • Do you want your dog to respond to well-rehearsed cues or think on its feet?

    Some methods teach the dog to wait for orders. In others, the dog must react fast on what needs to be done.

don't forget

It is crucial to learn the principles of dog training. This will help you to have a better understanding of how animals learn. All dog training methods are based on these foundations. After this, educate yourself on the various dog training methods including the advantages and disadvantages of each one. This will help you choose the best training method for you and your furry friend.

Learning Principles

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