Survival Kit

Keep your longer haired dogs tangle free between grooming appointments. Here are brushes and combs our in house groomer gives her stamp of approval on:

Slicker Brush

Used to get out a bulk of the knots in your dog’s fur. They are an essential tool for all longer hair types. Slickers are exceptionally useful for getting shedding fur out, and for smoothing out curly hair.

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Metal Fine Tooth Comb

The comb is a good test, if you cannot smoothly run the comb through your dogs fur (all the way down to their skin) then your dog is not fully brushed out and is at risk of matting. The slickers often do not reach all the way to the base of the fur, so although it appears brushed on the top, there are still knots and mats underneath.

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For the eye boogers!

Even if your dog doesn’t have fleas, you should keep a Flea Comb handy. Even dogs with short/medium hair can benefit from having this tool around, as it is great for removing eye boogers, mud, feces, and anything else your dog manages to get in their fur. I reccomend getting one with a longer handle and 2 size options. (for things that are too tight, you can use the wider side to work it out,then go back through with the thin side to get anything left behind).

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Rubber Brush

For short hair dogs that shed, like labs, rubber brushes are great because they grip and remove any loose fur. These brushes can be used wet or dry, making them a good scrubbing tool for any dog to work in soap and shampoo during bath time.

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They also come in a glove version!

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Even with regular brushing dogs tend to develop small mats. Typically found behind the ears, in the armpits, and around the base of the tail. Matting is when fur/hair gets tangled into clumps that cannot just be combed/brushed out. A dematter is more like a rake with sharp blades than a comb. Rather than pulling and yanking on a clump of fur that can’t be brushed apart, dematters cut through them to separate the hair and remove the clumps.

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