Dog Grooming

Here’s the nuts and bolts of keeping your pup looking fresh n’ clean


Keep your longer haired dogs tangle free between grooming appointments. Here are brushes and combs our in house groomer gives her stamp of approval on.


Shampoo & Conditioner

What good is a shampoo if they don’t smell fresh after a day. This long lasting and gentle shampoo will have your pup welcome in the bed, even your spouse may approve.

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This super absorbent microfiber shammy will suck out that water, bye bye wet dog. Less towels and dries faster. Easy care and machine washable.

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Pet Dryer

With a variable speed dial – super duper convenient and the dryer doesn’t blast on, it ramps up slowly. Extremely useful, for nervous dogs or introducing a new puppy.

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Wash Station

No more awkward positions on the floor or messy bathroom. The slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle (and the pet), backaches from bending over, lifting the pet into and out of the tub and messy bathroom cleanups. A luxury to have that will pay for itself over going to the groomers.

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